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The Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine Here Is The Most Cost-effective

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There are some differences in the fermentation process and ingredient structure between steamed stuffed buns made by steamed stuffed bun machine and manual steamed stuffed buns, but the overall difference is small. The reason for the difference is that manual steamed stuffed buns are pressed by hand, and dry flour will be stained in the process of pressing. For example, the water content of a kilogram of flour is 50%, so the water content after pressing the skin is actually far less than 50%, The steamed stuffed bun machine does not need to sprinkle dry flour. 

steamed stuffed bun machineNaturally, if you ensure that the steamed stuffed bun tastes the same, you don't need to add too much water, so the water content will be less than 50%, so you can't wake up too much and the water content can't be too high before forming with the steamed stuffed bun machine, otherwise it can't be formed.

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