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Introduction To Five Features Of Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine

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Introduction to five features of steamed stuffed bun machine:

1. The stuffing mode of the steamed stuffed bun machine is vertical stuffing, which is more convenient for large granular steamed stuffed bun stuffing, and the vertical stuffing is more smooth. It is very convenient to use and has high accuracy. It can be formed at one time when producing steamed stuffed buns. It has the same size, smooth surface and neat patterns. The effect is much higher than that of manually made steamed stuffed buns.

2. The steamed stuffed bun machine uses pure stainless steel to deepen the screw to send noodles. When producing steamed stuffed buns, it will appear evenly and smoothly without damaging gluten. The utility model avoids the situation that the stuffing is exposed when the traditional machine makes steamed stuffed buns, and also avoids the situation that the stuffing is unstable by the traditional machine.steamed stuffed bun machine

3. The steamed stuffed bun machine can ensure the diversification of steamed stuffed buns, produce steamed stuffed buns with different fillings, and meet the taste of different consumers. The machine is suitable for use in schools, canteens, hotels and other places.

4. The work efficiency of the baozi machine is very high, which can be equivalent to the work efficiency of 8-12 workers, and truly achieves the effect of low investment and high efficiency.

5. The steamed stuffed bun machine is made of stainless steel, which not only has a beautiful appearance, but also prolongs the service life of the machine. The steamed stuffed bun produced by the machine is more in line with the national food hygiene standard.

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