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Performance Of Automatic Imitation Manual Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine

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Performance of automatic imitation manual steamed stuffed bun machine

1. Practical operation is simple: the steamed stuffed bun machine adopts high-quality full intelligent operation, personalized operation is accurate and reliable, and it can be easily operated in five minutes.

2. New design scheme: scientific research and design scheme according to the driving force specified in the Chinese dim sum processing technology to confirm the relative density of products, so as to ensure the standardization of production and manufacture of steamed stuffed buns.steamed stuffed bun machine

3. Commodity diversification: one machine can produce and manufacture steamed buns, corn steamed buns, soup filled buns, round mouth buns, round steamed buns and other wrapped and non wrapped goods.

4. High efficiency: the work efficiency is equal to 10-20 employees. In addition, the steamed buns and steamed buns are made manually. The real investment is low, the efficiency is high, and the project investment is saved

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