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The Traditional Dumpling Machine Adopts An Ordinary Mold Head

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The traditional dumpling machine adopts an ordinary mold head, which simply wraps the dough. The dumplings are very different from the manual dumplings in appearance. At the same time, the amount of water added to the dumpling dough is less, and the dumpling skin is relatively hard; In addition, there will be adhesion and hardening of dumplings. The imitation manual dumpling machine adopts a special imitation manual mold head, dumpling machinewhich has no adhesion, fast production speed, large water addition to the dough, and the shape and taste of dumplings can be comparable to those of manual dumplings. The pressing type skin supply technology adopted by the imitation manual dumpling machine is the technology of the dough pressing machine. After the surface is pressed into a skin, it is wrapped directly without any temperature in the middle. Dumplings are comparable to hand-made dumplings when cooked.

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