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The Core Component Of The Vegetable Chopper

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According to the degree of mechanization, the vegetable cutter also has many different accessories and types.

1. Blade, as one of the core accessories of multifunctional vegetable cutting machine, can be said to be the core of the whole vegetable cutting machine. The blade is mainly used to cut vegetables.

2. The conveyor belt and good vegetable cutter have active transmission function. You can automatically transfer the objects to be cut to the blade without manually pushing the fruits and vegetables to be cut. Make an incision.

vegetable cutter

3. Protective plate. Some impurities will inevitably spill when cutting vegetables. At this time, a protective plate is required to prevent injury to the operator operating the multifunctional vegetable cutter.

4. Transparent nozzle, which is an accessory of the multifunctional vegetable cutting machine, is a little higher than the high gear. The main function is to actively clean and disinfect the residues left in the vegetable cutting area after the completion of the whole vegetable cutting process. So you can start your next job quickly.

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