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Chinese Made Vegetable Cutting Machines Can Be Bought In Mauritius

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Let me give you a brief introduction to the knowledge of the vegetable cutter.

1. Vegetable conveying structure: the structural design of vegetable cutting machine mainly has two conveyor belts for feeding. The tableware can move up and down along the fixed guide rod and rotate around the guide rod to facilitate tool replacement. Overturning torque can be avoided by using linear bearings. Cause jamming.vegetable cutter


2. Electronic control part: in order to increase the safety of the whole operation process, the electronic control part of the vegetable cutter adds a safety device on the basis of normal switch control. The safety device consists of a limit switch and a small cylindrical pin on the bowl. The chopper can work normally only after the switch is turned on, and the circuit requires that the small cylindrical pin cannot leave the travel switch during the whole working process, so the chopper or vegetable barrel is not fixed. Make sure the motor is de energized.

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