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Contact Information Of The Vegetable Cutter Factory In Mauritius

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Steps for sharpening the knife of the vegetable cutter:

1. The replacement of the sharpener on a rough surface is inactive when abrasive wear.

2. The density of trade friction materials can be increased by dropping a small amount of thin lubricating oil or liquid into the center of the grindstone surface for paraffin and spreading it evenly.vegetable cutter

3. The knife handle and clip are installed on the slicer so that the blade is placed flat forward on the grinding surface. The heel of the knife is roughly in the center of the grindstone.

4. The above research process on the steps of sharpening the knife of the vegetable chopper continues until the gap is ground. For the slicing knife with large damage, this thickness and two kinds of professional grindstones must be used to grind the large gap on the coarse grindstone and sharpen on the fine grindstone.

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