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How To Use The Vegetable Cutter Made In China

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How to use the vegetable cutter:

1. Put the vegetables into the machine.

2. Press the start button (red), and the indicator light will light up; When the green light is off, it indicates that it has entered the working state. (Note: To stop the operation, press the close key)

3. Select the required functions and gears as required. Generally, 4 or 5 gears are available for selection.

4. In the automatic state, if manual control is required, press the pause/start switch to perform manual adjustment, setting and other functional operations.

5. The rotation speed of the tool holder can be adjusted and the tool can be replaced according to different needs. The adjustment method is as follows:

vegetable cutter

(1) Turn the speed control handle clockwise to the maximum position and release it (observe whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the arrow on the dial); Rotate the speed regulating handle counterclockwise to the minimum position and then release it; (Be careful not to exceed the rated speed).

(2) Touch the camshaft at the upper end of the blade gently with your fingers to make the blade reciprocate until you hear a click at the same time. (Pay attention to check whether the gear engagement clearance meets the requirements.)

(3) Hold the lower end of the cutter bar with your hand, and push it upward until the blade is completely inserted into the groove.

(4) Remove the cover plate of the tool holder sleeve, install the new blade and the old blade into the tool holder, and then tighten the fixing screws.

6. Turn on the power, turn on the main power breaker switch, and then turn on the leakage protector and air switch in the electrical box after the red light goes out.

7. Keep a clean and dry working environment during operation to avoid affecting the normal service life of the machine.

8. Please cut off the main power plug after use to prevent accidents.

9. This product is non explosion proof equipment. It is strictly prohibited to use it in flammable and explosive places.

10. Do not disassemble internal parts at will, or failure may occur!

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