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How To Use Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutter

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The vegetable cutter of our company has the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency, simple structure, not easy to damage and safe operation. It is especially suitable for canteens, pickles and places for batch processing of vegetables such as schools, factories, mines and troops. The contact part between the machine and vegetables is made of stainless steel, which is clean, sanitary and durable. Using this machine can greatly reduce labor intensity and save labor time. Depending on the situation of the cut vegetables, generally 50 kg of shredded vegetables can be cut in 10 minutes. 

vegetable cutterIf it is produced continuously in batch, the efficiency is higher. The cutting tools of our company's vegetable cutting machine are composed of slicing knife, wire cutting knife group and block cutting knife group. When the slicer works alone, it can be cut into pieces. When cutting silk, install the cutting knife group to process it into silk. Put the cut silk into processing again to get Xiaoding, which is the filling. During block cutting processing, install the block cutting knife set, process it into square strips at one time, and put the square strips into processing again to get the square.

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