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I Believe Everyone Is No Stranger To The Vegetable Cutter

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I believe everyone is no stranger to the vegetable cutter. As a food machine, the vegetable cutter is often in contact with various food materials and materials. These materials are acidic and alkaline. What should we do? How to maintain it?

Next, our staff will briefly introduce the relevant knowledge points for you.

1. If you do not use the vegetable cutter or fruit and vegetable washer for a long time, please place it in a dry and ventilated place.

2. After each use, it shall be cleaned in time to ensure cleanliness and no food, materials and residues inside.

vegetable cutter

3. Lubricate key parts and screws regularly. In view of the particularity of this food machinery, high-quality olive oil can be used for lubrication.

4. Regularly check key parts and do a good job in maintenance. No matter how good the machine is, no one will seriously maintain it. After all, its service life will not be very long.

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