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Working Efficiency Of Nc Beef And Mutton Slicer

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Beef and mutton meat slicer is a cutting equipment for meat products, which has high requirements and precision. It mainly cuts frozen meat, fish, cheese, bacon, sausage and other raw materials into meat pieces required by users. It can also cut frozen bone into pieces or segments by changing the serrated knife. Efficient and high-precision slicer is suitable for catering distribution companies, hotels, schools, central kitchens, meat processing plants, etc. 

meat slicerCNC slicer series has two volumes, four volumes, six volumes, eight volumes and other models to choose from. CNC slicer is controlled by the most stable microcomputer system and driven by servo motor, with low noise, high stability and low failure rate. The slice thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily through the display screen. Automatic feeding, automatic return after feeding, simple and convenient operation, and truly realize CNC automation.

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