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Operation Manual Of Mutton Slicing Machine Made In China

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The automatic mutton slicer brings great convenience to our frozen meat slicing, but as long as it is mechanical, it will fail. In order not to affect production, the fault must be eliminated in time. Today, I would like to share with you the troubleshooting methods of the mechanical failure of the full-automatic meat slicer, hoping to help you.

1. The automatic mutton slicer does not work: check whether the plug is in good contact, and then check whether the socket fuse is blown. If the fault cannot be eliminated, it needs to be repaired by electrical technicians. Non professionals cannot repair it by themselves.

meat slicer

2. The fuselage is charged: the power plug must be pulled out immediately, check whether the grounding is good, and ask the electrical technician to deal with it.

3. The slicing effect of automatic mutton slicer is not good: do not roll / slice: if the meat handle is too soft or the meat has been frozen, re freeze the meat handle and then cut it;

4. Uneven movement of planer tray: add lubricating oil to the traveling circular shaft (when the ambient temperature is lower than 0, inject low temperature resistant engine oil), and adjust the jacking screw under the traveling square shaft.

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