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Frankly Speaking, China's Mutton Slicer Is The Best

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The main structural configuration of beef and mutton meat slicer includes five slicing advantages: overall body, stainless steel meat pressing rod, meat fixing plate with nails, automatic knife grinding device, stainless steel blade, pure copper motor and various adjustment and control devices. Presumably, many users do not understand the configuration of their devices, so we will learn more about them next.

1. High efficiency

It adopts Italian blade, belt and automatic lubrication device, which has powerful power and higher cutting efficiency.

2. Good slicing effect

The blade is sharp and the slice thickness can be adjusted to meet the meat cutting requirements of different customers.

meat slicer

3. Low power consumption

100% pure copper motor core, high efficiency, less power consumption, more economical.

4. Simple operation

All operation configuration buttons are in line with humanized design, and the operation is simpler.

5. Simple maintenance

It is made of high-quality equipment. It is small in size and simple in daily maintenance. Businessmen can use it at ease.

Beef and mutton slicer is also known as mutton slicer, mutton slicer, slicer, sheep slicer, etc. It is a professional slicer for frozen mutton and frozen fat cattle. The patented transmission design enables the meat cutting speed to reach the slicing speed of 43 times / min; The mechanical transmission of high-power double motors (without circuit board) ensures the service life; It is suitable for hot pot shops, restaurants, hotels and food processing factories. The meat cutting effect is uniform. It adopts double axis design, which is particularly stable and durable.

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