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The Mutton Slicer Made In China Is Of The Best Quality

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Mutton meat slicers generally do not roll, that is to say, slicers cut slices less than 3mm are rolled, and slices more than 3mm are flakes. Therefore, by grasping the temperature and slice thickness of meat, mutton with uniform thickness can be cut. Many new users of mutton slicer use mutton slicer for the first time. They can't get the desired slicing effect and can't cut out meat rolls. 

meat slicerThey can't think about it; I've been worried about the quality of the meat planer. In fact, I don't know the performance and slicing principle of the machine. The key to whether meat slices can be rolled is not the meat planer; The most direct influencing factor is the temperature of frozen meat. When the temperature of meat is not low enough and the meat is not frozen enough, the meat roll cannot be cut. Generally speaking, if the mutton slicer cuts very thin and continuous pieces of meat, the mutton slicer belongs to the normal state; Generally, the meat temperature range of the slicer is controlled at 0 ~ - 7 ¡æ, which can cut out the meat roll. For specific freezing degree detection and meat slowing methods, refer to the operation manual of the mutton slicer, and master the machine performance and operation methods.

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