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Cleaning Method Of Automatic Mutton Slicer

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We are concerned about the efficiency and service life of the automatic mutton meat slicer slicer. In addition to the correct use of beef and mutton slicer, it also needs to be cleaned after use for a period of time. Let's take a look at the disassembly and cleaning process of the automatic mutton slicer.

1. When unpacking and cleaning the full-automatic mutton slicer, use the power and air source required by the equipment.

2. Since the electrical control components are installed in the rear half of the beef and mutton slicer equipment, do not directly clean the machine body with water under any circumstances, so as to avoid unnecessary danger.

meat slicer

3. Remove the upper and lower fixing screws at the same time to avoid affecting the other screw when removing one screw.

4. The full-automatic mutton slicer shall be equipped with a power socket with grounding wire. After the power switch is turned off, there is voltage in some electrical control circuits. Therefore, the power cord must be unplugged during maintenance of the control circuit to prevent electric shock.

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