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How Can We Avoid The Risk Of Automatic Mutton Slicer

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Mutton processing manufacturers have used automatic meat slicer, which is very easy to use. Its main accessory is the blade, and the machine usually poses a certain risk. How can we avoid the risk of automatic mutton slicer?

1. When working, do not put your hands and other foreign matters into the machine shell of the full-automatic mutton slicer.

2. Carefully check the beef and mutton slicer for defects, damage and looseness to ensure that the machine is in good condition.

3. Check whether there are foreign matters in the shell of the full-automatic mutton slicer, and remove the foreign matters in the shell, otherwise it is easy to damage the blade of the beef and mutton slicer.

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4. Clean up the operation site, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the use voltage of the machine, and whether the grounding mark is reliably connected with the grounding wire.

5. Turn off the switch and press the "on" button to check whether the steering is correct. Otherwise, cut off the power regulation wiring.

When using the automatic mutton slicer, attention must be paid to safe operation to avoid danger. In case of any abnormality during use, it shall be stopped in time and the cause of the abnormality shall be checked.

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