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This Is The Correct Way To Use The Mutton Slicer

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This is the correct way to use the meat slicer: after cleaning and restoring the installation, we can turn on the power and start the machine. Before turning on the power supply, place the filling pump clutch handle in the parking position, and then use the hook wrench to retract the face screw wrench back to the rear end. Check whether the connected power supply is consistent with the rated voltage and number of items of the machine. After confirming the agreement, you can turn on the power. meat slicerAfter startup, check whether the machine has leakage, and judge whether the steering is correct according to the rotation direction of the forming die. The outward rotation is correct. After the machine is in normal operation, idle for 3 to 5 minutes. During operation, press the direction. Move the clutch handle and adjust the handle to check for abnormalities. After the idle device operates normally, start using it again.

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