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Specification For Use Of Automatic Mutton Meat Slicer

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Specification for use of automatic mutton meat slicer:

1. Adjust the thickness of the meat to be cut, put the frozen meat without bones on the bracket and press the pressing plate.

2. The cutting temperature of frozen meat is - 4 ~ - 8 degrees. Mutton in this temperature range is suitable for cutting.

3. Turn on the power http: / / and start the cutter head first, and then start the left and right swing.meat slicer

4. Do not put your hand directly near the blade during operation, which is easy to cause serious injury.

5. If it is difficult to cut, stop the machine to check the blade edge and sharpen the blade with a sharpener.

6. After shutdown, unplug the power plug and hang it on the fixed position of the equipment.

7. Add lubricating oil to the swing guide every week and sharpen the blade with a knife grinder.

8. It is forbidden to wash the equipment directly with water! The machine shall be reliably grounded.

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