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Three Advantages Of Automatic Cnc Mutton Meat Slicer

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Three advantages of automatic CNC mutton meat slicer

1. New structure: the structure of filling pump is newly improved, which is completely suitable for the production of high fiber filling such as vegetable filling, and solves the difficulty that the traditional steamed stuffed bun machine can not make vegetable filling.

meat slicer

2. Full automation technology: high level of automation technology, accurate quantitative analysis, low gas pressure, unified product size, leather stuffing accounting for 18 G-200 g, freely adjustable, one person can actually operate.

3. Excellent design scheme: excellent noodle feeding and stuffing system software, sufficient maintenance of noodle tendons. The authenticity guarantees no damage to the surface and ensures a sense of hierarchy of steamed stuffed buns. The stuffing is smoother and more symmetrical. No matter what kind of stuffing can make the steamed stuffed bun shape, the actual effect is excellent

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