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Working Principle And Video Of Mutton Slicing Machine

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Automatic mutton meat slicer is becoming more and more common in our life, mainly because of its convenient operation and uniform meat cutting effect. At the same time, beef and mutton slices are delicious and tender, which brings great convenience to hot pot restaurants and restaurants. How to operate it correctly?

1. After receiving the automatic mutton slicer, you must check whether the outer package is abnormal, etc. If there is any abnormality, such as damage or missing parts, please call the manufacturer in time, read the instructions carefully, and then carry out the following steps.

2. Then check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the voltage marked on the label of the machine.

3. After unpacking, please put the automatic mutton slicer on a solid workbench and keep away from the humid environment as far as possible.meat slicer

4. Adjust the rotation of the scale and select the desired slice thickness.

5. Turn on the power and press the start switch to start the blade.

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