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Troubleshooting Of Noodle Making Machine

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Troubleshooting of noodle making machine

1. Flour mixing: pour the flour into the flour mixer, add water according to the specified proportion of about 25%, start the transportation capacity, mix the flour and water evenly to granular shape (it is best to use after 10 minutes), and then use it.

noodle machine

2. adjustment: the handwheel is used to adjust the clearance of the roller. The reference data of roller clearance are: (excepting more than 330 units). During the adjustment process, the number of handwheels should be tightened or loosened. Sometimes it is not easy to adjust one time. The key is to understand the reason, to be patient, to adjust the machine when unskilled, and to lock the handwheel after normal operation.

3. Operation: put the mixed flour into the flour bucket, press the knife and fix the knife stop plate, and then start the machine for operation. The panel from the third group shall be led to the next group by hand (multiple groups shall follow this analogy) and the operation is completed.

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