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Why Are Chinese Macaroni Machines Very Popular

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The noodles made by the macaroni machine can also be wide or thin, round or flat. Changing the mold can also produce special-shaped pasta such as hollow noodles, conch noodles, shell noodles and Tremella noodles. The product color changes into green, yellow, red and purple with fruits and vegetables, attracting people's attention, especially children's friends, so that they are no longer picky about food and solving the problem of eating for their baby, Taking vitamins while eating noodles promotes human health. macaroni machineMultifunctional fruit and vegetable molding noodle machine, color conch noodle machine, small volume, light weight, 5-10 square yard, convenient movement and simple operation. It can be produced by one person, fixed processing or mobile operation with motor or small gasoline engine as power.

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