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Technical Specification For Safety Of Punch And Shear Machine

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Technical specification for safety of combined punching and shearing machine:

1. Before starting, check whether the transmission system components of the combined punching and shearing machine, the connecting screws and shaft pins at each position are loose, and whether the grounding device of household appliances is intact;

2. Before working, moisten all moving positions, and then start the trial operation for more than ten minutes. There is no abnormality and can just start working;

3. Overload application is not allowed. Punching and shearing of heat-treated stainless steel plates is prohibited;

4. Wear rubber gloves and labor protection articles during work, and do not wear sandals and sandals;

5. When punching and shearing, always oil the punching tools and firmly tilt the punching tools up, down, left and right;

6. Pay attention to the safety of fingers during feeding. When the presser foot cannot press the steel plate, the punching and shearing shall be stopped;

7. During startup, it is forbidden to disassemble and calibrate the cutting edge and stamping die, and it is not allowed to knock the stamping die, cutting edge and other parts with force;

combined punching and shearing machine

8. It is forbidden to punch and shear steel plates exceeding the specifications and models;

9. Do not deposit other objects and a lot of blanking in the working area. Be sure to shut down when adjusting and cleaning;

12. At the end of the work, turn off the power immediately and clean the site.

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