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Punching And Shearing Machine Discount Promotion

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The combined punching and shearing machine is divided into upper and lower dies. The utility model has reasonable structure and can accurately punch large-size angle steel and channel steel. The bending machine can also be selected to bend the workpiece according to the required angle. The angle steel cutting blade cuts the angle steel cutting blade into an angle of 45 degrees from the end and the lower end respectively. Diamond blade ensures high-quality shearing, that is, small deformation and material loss during shearing, and 45 degree shearing can be done from top to bottom. combined punching and shearing machineThere are many sizes of holes in the shear parts of round steel and square steel. The third is die scissors, which can cut at different angles. Channel steel blade, square steel blade, round steel blade and angle steel blade can be interchanged at will. Square steel round steel template, angle steel template, channel steel template, etc. 4¡¢ Channel steel blade. It is feasible to cut flat steel by replacing different channel steel blades with different channel steel blades. The hydraulic punching and shearing machine is easy to adjust the pressing foot to ensure the correct cutting of 15 "square strip as standard equipment. Shear blade with good deformation resistance. The lower blade has four usable knife edges and screws inside, which is convenient to adjust the pressing clearance.

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