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Diesel Winch Shall Be Installed In A Stable Place

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Technical disclosure of operation safety of diesel winch the winch shall be installed in a solid and stable place with good sight. Square wood shall be used to pad under the base, and anti smashing and rainproof working shed shall be set up. The ground anchor of the winch must be set separately, and trees, electric poles and buildings shall not be used to replace the ground anchor. For the fixed winch, two steel pipes shall be laid on both sides of the base to prevent the base from sliding left and right when in use. 

diesel winchThe guide pulley shall not use the open pulley, and the model of the steel wire rope shall be selected according to the load capacity. The steel wire rope shall not be bent by dragging the ground during use, and the steel wire rope with exposed oil core and flattened shall not be used. More than three safety rings shall be kept on the drum and arranged neatly.

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