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China's Electro-hydraulic Loaders Are Affordable And Durable

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The electric loader has the advantages of high quality and low price, durability, green environmental protection, sufficient power, high power, high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, zero emission, front drive and rear steering system, light and flexible operation, suitable for indoor and outdoor work. One charge can be used for a whole day. It can fully ensure the normal working needs. Battery: five batteries 60V (12V each), motor: oil pump motor 2000kW, drive motor 3000kW, electric loaderone-time charging workload: 8 hours in the workshop, 150 km walking speed: 40-60 km (per hour), battery life: 3-5 years of normal use, unloading weight: 500kg, unloading height: 1.5m, tire model: 155-12, Overall dimension: 2.5 * 0.9 * 1.4 product features electric power steering mechanism, easy and free turning, small turning radius, improving trafficability and space utilization.

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