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Electric Loader

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Electric Loader

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Electric Loader

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Electric Loader Description

Electric loader is a kind of earthwork construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, hydropower, construction, port, mine and other construction projects. It is mainly used for loading and unloading bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime and coal. It can also be used for light shovel excavation of ore and hard soil. Different working devices can also be used for bulldozing, lifting and loading and unloading of other materials such as wood. In road construction, especially in high-grade highway construction, electric loaders are used for filling and excavation of subgrade engineering, aggregate and loading of asphalt mixture and cement concrete stockyard. In addition, it can also push and transport soil, scrape the ground and pull other machinery. Small electric loader has the advantages of fast operation speed, high efficiency, good mobility, light operation and so on.

Precautions for operation of new energy electric loader:

1. Before driving and operation, the operator shall be familiar with various performance, structure, technical maintenance and operation methods of the loader and operate according to the regulations.

2. Except the cab, passengers are strictly prohibited in other places on the machine.

3. When unloading materials into the vehicle, the bucket must be lifted to a height that will not touch the trunk baffle. Strictly prevent the bucket from touching the trunk. It is strictly prohibited to cross the bucket from the top of the vehicle cab.

4. Automatic deceleration shall be adopted when going downhill. Do not step on the clutch pedal to prevent power cut-off and car sliding accident.

5. After wading, the loader shall be shut down immediately for inspection. In case of brake failure caused by water immersion, continuous braking shall be carried out to remove the water in the brake pad by heating, so as to restore the brake to normal as soon as possible.

6. When the loader is working, no one is allowed to stand in front of it, and the bucket is not allowed to carry people during driving.

7. During operation, it is strictly prohibited to stand under the shovel arm, and irrelevant personnel and other machinery are prohibited to work and pass here.

8. High speed operation is strictly prohibited.

9. When the operator leaves the driving position, he must land the bucket, turn off the engine and cut off the power supply.




Traveling motor




Hydraulic motor




Lifting height


Top speed


Loading height




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