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China's Electric Loaders Have Low Power Consumption And High Efficiency

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Pollutants in the new oil of electric loader: Although the hydraulic oil is refined and processed under relatively clean environmental conditions, it is polluted by pipelines, oil drums and oil storage tanks during transportation and storage, and some dust, sand, rust, moisture and other liquids will be mixed in the oil.

External invading pollutants: during the working process of hydraulic components and machinery of electric loader, some pollutants, such as dust, sand, moisture, etc., are invading from the outside of the system due to imperfect sealing of oil tank, damage of component sealing and protective device.

electric loader

Residual pollutants in components and systems: some pollutants will remain in the hydraulic components and systems of electric loaders due to incomplete cleaning during processing, assembly and cleaning.

Pollutants generated inside the hydraulic system: the hydraulic system of the Electric Loader will generate some solid particle pollutants during its work, including both metal particles or rubber powder caused by the wear and corrosion of hydraulic components, and pollutants caused by oil oxidation.

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