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Catalogue Of Electric Loader Factories In China

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The operation of electric loader mainly depends on the coordination and cooperation of various mechanical structure components, and then the specified actions are realized by hydraulic, electrical actuator and mechanical transmission mechanism to complete various operation items. It integrates four performances: hydraulic walking, excavation, collection, transportation and loading. The hydraulic walking function is to drive the front and rear wheels through the hydraulic motor. The hydraulic motor has three basic performances: forward, backward and automatic braking. 

electric loaderThe four-wheel drive of the electric loader has the characteristics of strong ground force and driving force. The excavation and collection function is completed by the manipulator. The manipulator has the performance of excavation, arm extension, loading and unloading. The boom can rise, fall and rotate left and right. The operation of excavation and collection is controlled by full hydraulic pressure and controlled by six operating handles. Each handle controls two actions, a total of 12 actions.

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