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Concrete Pump

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Concrete Pump

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Concrete Pump Description

Concrete pump is a kind of machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It is mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction. It is mainly divided into gate valve concrete pump and S valve concrete pump. Another is to install the pump body on the car chassis and then equip it with retractable or flexible cloth rod to form a pump truck. The second generation pumping technology of concrete pump: full hydraulic control reversing technology.
The successful research and development of the concrete pump has solved the difficulty of pouring the secondary structure. The diesel concrete pump adopts new technology, new materials, advanced processing technology and is carefully manufactured by skilled workers. After careful inspection by inspectors before leaving the factory, the high quality of each electric concrete pump is guaranteed. The R & D and production of small concrete pumps have promoted the rapid development of construction machinery industry. The layout of concrete pumps is reasonable and the maintenance space is large. Rigorous design, taking into account economy and reliability, high cost performance.
The concrete pump is light in weight and equipped with walking wheels, which is convenient to move and unique in design. It can be directly placed on the floor for on-site pouring, and is not limited by the pumping height. Effectively solve the problem that it is difficult for the top section close to the bottom beam to pour with high quality in the pouring process of structural column. The secondary structural column pouring pump ensures the flatness and appearance quality of structural column. It is suitable for the transportation of fine aggregate concrete in high-rise buildings. The pouring efficiency of structural columns of building floor groups and secondary structural columns is high. The pumping system is several times that of manual construction, which effectively improves the production efficiency and saves the labor cost.
5 advantages of concrete pump made in China:
1. The fully mechanized operation of electric concrete pump is hundreds of times that of manual concrete pouring, which shortens the construction period.
2. The diesel concrete pump has good concrete pouring continuity, high conveying efficiency and labor cost saving.
3. The small concrete pump has the advantages of small volume, convenient construction and simple operation. It can be poured directly on the floor, greatly reducing the labor intensity.
4. The mini concrete pump has the advantages of high configuration, light weight, convenient movement, easy maintenance and low maintenance cost in the later stage.

5. The use power of the concrete pump is very low, only 7.5kW is needed, taking into account the convenience of power consumption in the construction site. 

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