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Catalogue Of Concrete Pump Manufacturers In China

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The motor power of a concrete pump is the precondition to determine the outlet pressure and delivery volume. When the motor power is certain, the increase of pressure will reduce the delivery volume; On the contrary, reducing the outlet pressure will increase the conveying capacity. In order to ensure that the concrete delivery pump not only has a large delivery capacity, but also has a certain outlet pressure and matching economic power, constant power plunger pump is mostly used in the design of concrete delivery pump; 

concrete pumpThat is, after the constant power value is selected, when the outlet pressure increases, the output displacement of the oil pump will automatically decrease to the value corresponding to the power design; If we want to achieve both high outlet pressure and large conveying capacity. The only way is to increase the power of the motor. Therefore, in the new national standard, the concept of capacity index of concrete delivery pump (measured in MPa · m3 / h) is quoted; That is, the product of the actual outlet pressure of the concrete delivery pump and the actual delivery volume per hour. The greater the value, the greater the capacity index and the greater the power of the motor, so as to achieve the purpose of large displacement and high head.

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