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Tile Cutting Machine

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Tile Cutting Machine

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Tile Cutting Machine

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Tile Cutting Machine Description

The multi-functional ceramic tile cutting machine integrates cutting, anti slide groove, 45 ° chamfer, round grinding and other functions. It is one of the indispensable equipment of ceramic tile processing factory. When using the traditional cutting machine, in order to produce ceramic tiles of different sizes, it is usually necessary to adjust the size in many aspects, which mainly results in two problems: one is that the production efficiency is affected, and the other is that the production process becomes complicated. Unlike the CNC ceramic tile cutting machine, it can adjust the size at will through digital, directly avoiding the above two problems.

Operation guide for ceramic tile cutting machine:

1. Before use, check that the power supply voltage should be within 10% of the rated value, and the switch should be in the off state before connecting the power supply.

2. Carefully check whether the cutting blade is cracked or damaged before use. If so, please replace it immediately.

3. Check that the slice enters the working state, and the cutting operation can be started only after the bottom plate is not rubbed.

4. The working feed shall be stable without excessive force. If the speed of the saw blade drops sharply, the feed force shall be reduced to prevent the machine from being damaged by overload.

5. It is forbidden to remove the protective cover for cutting.

6. The cooling water source of the saw blade is tap water. Before use, connect the water pipe to the tap water, and the water output is appropriate.

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