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Precautions For Operation Of Ceramic Tile Cutting Machine

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Precautions for operation of ceramic tile cutting machine:

1. When cutting, pull the "handle" back to the highest control position to avoid collision between the blade and the ceramic tile, otherwise, the blade will not be used due to damage.

2. For antique or other uneven tiles, please replace the cutter head! The ceramic tile with rough surface will shorten the service life of the blade.

tile cutting machine

3. Do not use a blade to press and break bricks during operation.

4. When cutting, first pull the push-pull rod to the rear end, let the blade gently press on the ceramic tile, push it forward along the main shaft to the front control hard groove, put the presser foot on the ceramic tile, and gently tap the end of the push-pull handle to break the ceramic tile with the knife mark.

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