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Spraying Machine

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Spraying Machine

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Spraying Machine Description

The operation of the mortar spraying machine is simple. There is no need to erect scaffolds, mobile equipment and repair stubble. The internal and external corners and roof can be sprayed freely, which shortens the construction period, improves the progress and saves the expenses of scaffold materials. The rapid mortar spraying machine adopts the international advanced screw pressurization technology, which can spray mortar fireproof materials and refractory materials without being affected by the region, environment and spraying surface shape. The rapid mortar spraying pump has superior quality water, which is more efficient than manual wall plastering and previous wall plastering machines launched in the market.

Features of mortar spraying machine:

1. Suitable spraying materials: putty powder, coating, emulsion paint, real stone paint, cement mortar, dry powder mortar, thermal insulation mortar, waterproof material, fireproof material, thermal insulation material, sound-absorbing material and other water-soluble materials.

2. Adjust the flow to get the best spraying effect.

3. In addition to the switch on the electric cabinet, it is also equipped with remote control switch.

4. The connection between the spray gun and the feeding pipe can be rotated for easy operation.

5. High construction efficiency and good quality.

6. Small size, easy to carry on site, low cost of accessories and simple maintenance.

7. It is easy to use, fast, save materials, labor and money. One machine is equipped with only three people, 150 square / hour (thickness 2cm).

8. Material ratio (cement): 0.7:3 mortar.

Operation steps of mortar spraying machine:

1. Before starting each shift, first press the manual oil pump for several times to inject oil into the transmission part.

2. After the power is turned on, first electric the main motor and check whether the rotation direction of the rubber screw is consistent. If not, replace the power phase line (this check shall be carried out every time the power is reconnected)

3. Connect the delivery hose and nozzle, add 5L of clean water to the hopper, start the motor to pump out the clean water to wet the hopper, pump body and delivery hose, and stop the machine immediately after most of the water is pumped out.

4. Add putty or paint into the hopper to start spraying (start the air compressor and open the air valve first)

5. It is strictly prohibited to idle without material or water in the hopper.

6. After the work is completed, the remaining materials in the hopper shall be discharged, and sufficient water shall be injected into the hopper. Clean the hopper, start the pump, and clean the hose and nozzle until all the water is pumped out, so as to prevent the remaining materials from solidifying in the hose and blocking the hose and nozzle.

7. If the shutdown time is too long, wipe the machine clean, remove the booster screw, apply oil, keep it properly, and reinstall it when in use.

8. In case of insufficient pump out pressure during operation, adjust the booster stator bolts or replace the booster rubber sleeve and booster worm.

9. Before spraying, the sprayed area shall be penetrated with water; During spraying, the nozzle shall be as vertical as possible to the sprayed surface (the distance can be adjusted according to the spraying effect) and sprayed evenly in layers, and shall be carried out in coordination with the leveling process. The wall is too dry or the time after spraying is too long, which will seriously affect the leveling effect. The process should be changed.

10. The feeding into the hopper shall be uniform without interruption. When the conveying screw rotates, it is strictly prohibited to use a stick to stir in the hopper to prevent injury.

11. Once the shotcrete delivery pipe is blocked, switch the switch to the manual position, only turn on the compressor, remove the quick connector in front of the pump head, and then plug the nozzle downward. The wind pressure generates reverse pressure to blow out the residual slurry of the delivery pipe. After the quick connector is installed, it starts to work normally.

12. During spraying operation, safety helmet, protective glasses, protective clothing and other protective articles shall be worn.

13. The pressurization rubber sleeve and the pressurization screw are vulnerable parts. In order to prolong the service life, the pressurization stator bolt is in a loose state when it is used for the first time. When the pressure decreases and the flow decreases significantly, adjust the compression bolt to make it in a normal working condition.

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