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Steel Bar Cutting Machine

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Steel Bar Cutting Machine

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Steel Bar Cutting Machine

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Steel Bar Cutting Machine Description

Scrap steel bar cutter is a tool used to cut steel bars. Generally, there are full-automatic steel bar cutter and semi-automatic steel bar cutter. It is an indispensable equipment for reinforcement processing. It is mainly used for fixed length cutting of reinforcement in housing construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations, large-scale water conservancy and other projects.

Our company's waste steel bar cutter has three advantages:

1. Flexible operation, convenient maintenance, small volume, light weight, compact structure, solid and reliable, easy to move and flexible; The closed structure solves the situation of accidental injury to hands due to the short cutting distance of reinforcement and the random flying of hopper. Cutting reinforcement saves time and labor, which is more convenient for the recycling and reprocessing of waste reinforcement cutting materials and particles, and avoids the waste of resources. The model adopts external clutch, which is more convenient for maintenance.

2. Continuous operation, low consumption, low noise and good lubrication performance: the machine adopts closed structure and uses gear splash lubrication. It can work continuously for more than three months after adding enough oil at one time. Compared with the same type of bearing, the power loss can be reduced by one-third due to the same type of bearing. The high-speed gear is inside the box, which has the characteristics of low noise and low failure rate.

3. Double head configuration, adjustable length. There is a blanking port at both ends of the machine. The two blanking ports can place multiple reinforcement with mixed specifications at the same time. The double head cuts off the reinforcement synchronously, and the cutting speed is once per second. After cutting, the reinforcement is fed automatically without manual operation, which improves the service safety coefficient of the machine, and can quickly cut the waste reinforcement into particles, and the length of the object can be adjusted.

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