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Rebar Cutter

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Rebar Cutter

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Steel bar cutter is one of the indispensable equipment in the process of steel bar processing. It is mainly used for processing specific steel bars in housing construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations, large-scale water conservancy and other projects, so as to build satisfactory buildings. Compared with other equipment, the steel bar cutter has the characteristics of light weight, less energy consumption, small floor area and high processing efficiency. Therefore, the gradual use of these steel bar cutting machines in the process of construction processing plays an important role in China's economy and construction.

Generally, there are full-automatic steel bar cutter and semi-automatic steel bar cutter. Fully automatic, also known as electric cutting machine, converts electric energy into kinetic energy through the motor to control the notch of the cutter to achieve the effect of cutting reinforcement. The semi-automatic is to manually control the incision, so as to shear the reinforcement. And more should belong to the hydraulic steel bar cutting machine, which is divided into two categories: rechargeable and portable. Electro hydraulic structure: the electro-hydraulic steel bar cutter is mainly composed of motor, hydraulic transmission system, control device, fixed moving blade, etc.

Working principle of full-automatic steel bar cutter: the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate, and the eccentric surface of the eccentric shaft returns to work and moves back and forth with the plunger in contact with it, so that the plunger pump generates high-pressure oil pressure into the oil cylinder, pushes the piston in the oil cylinder, drives the moving blade forward, and cuts the steel bar by staggering with the fixed blade fixed on the support. Manufacture of manual hydraulic reinforcement cutting mechanism: the hydraulic system of manual hydraulic reinforcement cutting machine is composed of piston, plunger, hydraulic cylinder, pressure rod, pull-out pin, return spring, oil storage barrel, oil drain valve, oil suction valve and other components.

Operation steps and precautions of automatic steel bar cutter:

1. Put the equipment into the working position stably without shaking.

2. Four core copper cable is used to link the motor and circuit breaker

3. Open the oil filling hole of the reducer and fill the gear oil.

4. Fill up the oil cup and turn on the oil drip switch of the oil cup.

5. During trial operation, do not add materials first, switch on first and then disconnect. Observe the rotation direction of the pulley. If it is consistent with the direction marked on the pulley, switch on again. After the equipment operates stably, add reinforcement to the injection port. If the direction is opposite, please reverse the motor.

6. Rotate by hand to check whether the gear meshing is normal.

7. Check the fastening of bolts at all parts.

8. Check whether the electrical equipment is intact and has good edge, install leakage protection device, and check whether the grounding wire of the equipment is grounded.

9. Fully lubricate all rotating parts of the machine.

10. During no-load test, if any abnormality is found, stop the machine for maintenance in time.

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