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Precautions For Operation Of Steel Rebar Cutter

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Precautions For Operation Of Steel Rebar Cutter

1. It is strictly forbidden to directly remove the broken ends and sundries nearby by hand during the operation. Non operators around the steel bar swing and near the knife edge are not allowed to stay.

2. In case of abnormal operation of machinery, abnormal noise or skewed cutter, stop the machine for maintenance immediately. The machine must be shut down for maintenance and can only be carried out after the power is cut off.

3. Before the operation of hydraulic cutting machine, check and confirm that the hydraulic oil level and motor rotation direction meet the requirements. After starting, it should run with no load, loosen the oil drain valve, and drain the air in the hydraulic cylinder before cutting the reinforcement.

rebar cutter

4. Before using the manual hydraulic cut-off machine, the oil drain valve shall be tightened clockwise. After cutting, it shall be loosened anticlockwise immediately. During operation, hands shall hold the cutting machine stably and wear insulating gloves.

5. After operation, cut off the power supply, use a steel brush to remove the debris between the cutters, and clean and lubricate the whole machine.

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