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Pipe Straightening Machine

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Pipe Straightening Machine

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Pipe Straightening Machine

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Pipe Straightening Machine Description

Steel pipe straightener is mainly used to straighten and repair scaffold steel pipes and other pipes that are bent and deformed in construction. The surface of the straightened steel pipe is free of indentation and necking, which is better than the standard formulated by the Ministry of construction. At the same time, the equipment has the function of cleaning ash and rust on the surface of steel pipe and painting. Solve the problems of rust and corrosion of steel pipes after long-time exposure to the sun and rain, thinning of pipe wall, easy bending in construction, disassembly and handling, and can not be used, resulting in potential safety hazards in the erection of scaffold steel pipes. The scaffold steel pipe straightening machine has the functions of straightening, derusting and painting, which greatly reduces manual labor and improves work efficiency. Steel pipe straightening machine can be divided into various models. It can be processed according to the diameter of steel pipe. Our steel pipe straightening machine has basically no scratch on the surface of the steel pipe, good straightness, non torsion of longitudinal diameter, small strength loss, simple operation, convenient adjustment, time-saving and labor-saving, and high efficiency. Play an important role in construction production.

Steel pipe straightening, derusting and painting integrated machine features:

1. The machine adopts mechanical transmission, with reasonable structure, stable performance and simple operation.

2. The machine is multi-functional and integrated, and can complete the straightening, derusting and painting of steel pipes at one time.

3. There is no damage and elongation to the steel pipe, which is time-saving, labor-saving, efficient and environmental friendly.

4. High mechanical speed, high horsepower, straightening respectively φ 48mm steel pipe.

5. The machine has stable operation and low noise. Four moving wheels are set at the bottom, which makes the machine move very convenient.

6. Two 6m steel pipes are processed every minute, working 8 hours a day, with a maximum processing capacity of about 30 tons.

7. Provide free on-site debugging service.

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