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Pipe Straightening Machine

Steel Pipe Straightener Made In China At Best Price

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The steel pipe straightening machine is used to straighten and repair the steel pipe bent and deformed in construction. The surface of the straightened steel pipe is free of indentation and diameter shrinkage, which is better than the standard formulated by the Ministry of construction (the bending degree per meter is less than one thousandth). Steel pipe straightening machine is an ideal mechanical equipment for construction enterprises, construction steel pipe leasing enterprises and scaffold construction units. 

pipe straightening machineThe steel pipe straightening machine is closely combined with three parts: straightening system, derusting machine and paint brushing box. It can straighten separately or carry out two-function operations of steel pipe straightening and derusting. If it is necessary to paint and mark the steel pipe, it can also be completed at the same time. Standard 4kw motor power output, stable and efficient; Mechanical roller (high temperature quenching) rolling straightening, durable.

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