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Pipe Straightening Machine

Debugging Method of Steel Pipe Straightener

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1. The diameter of the straightened steel pipe shall be strictly controlled, and the steel pipe with a diameter greater than the adjusted pipe diameter of the machine shall not be transported into the pipe straightening machine, otherwise the machine or steel pipe will be damaged.

2. The steel pipe to be straightened shall undergo initial inspection. The steel pipe with serious deformation, butt joint or flattening, and welding objects on the surface shall be straightened after treatment.

3. The steel pipe inlet hand should be held at a distance of more than 1 m from the pipe head, and the hand should be loosened as soon as possible when the steel pipe enters. The operator shall avoid the side of the steel pipe to prevent the steel pipe from hurting people.

pipe straightening machine

4. If the machine does not rotate or the steel pipe does not move forward during operation, stop the machine immediately, and press the "reverse" button to exit the steel pipe. Or stop the machine to find out the cause and eliminate the fault before continuing to work.

At the same time, the equipment has the function of cleaning the dust and rust on the steel pipe surface and painting. Solve the problems such as steel pipe being exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, rusting and corrosion, pipe wall thinning, easy bending in construction, disassembly, and handling, and failure to use, resulting in potential safety hazards for scaffold steel pipe erection. The machine has the functions of straightening, derusting and painting, which greatly reduces manual labor and improves work efficiency.

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