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Operation Details Of Steel Pipe Straightening Machine

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In the process of using the steel pipe straightening machine, a lot of details need to be paid attention to, so as to achieve better straightening effect:

1. The steel pipe straightener needs to be installed on a flat ground before use, and then the center of the rack trough should be aligned with the guide cylinder and the straightening cylinder when installing the bearing frame, and it should be kept straight.

pipe straightening machine

2. When installing the bearing frame, it is necessary to check the electrical circuit, check whether the parts are damaged, whether the connectors of the machine are reliable, and whether the rotating parts are flexible. The test run can only be carried out after confirmation

3. Before use, run it first to check whether the work of bearings, hammers, shear gears, etc. is safe. When it is confirmed that there is no problem, feed, test, straighten and cut off.

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