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Pipe Straightening Machine

Operation Manual Of Pipe Straightening Machine

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Operation manual of pipe straightening machine

1. The steel pipe straightening machine adopts three-dimensional triangular positioning, ten wheel rotation overlapping extrusion forming self drawing straightening system software, without any damage to the steel pipe.

2. The steel pipe straightener can adjust the steel pipe with a diameter of 90mm (it can also customize the unique model and specification according to the customer's requirements, 25mm to 100mm).

3. The steel pipe straightening machine is driven by gears, which can straighten, remove dust and prevent rust of the steel pipe at one time. It is a model with the same function in the industry competition.

pipe straightening machine

4. The independent power switch can also start an independent system software at will. The actual operation is convenient and cost saving.

Warm reminder: solve 2 6-meter steel pipes per minute, and the maximum output of 8 hours in a day can reach about 30 tons.

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