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Operation Steps And Precautions Of Automatic Rebar Cutter

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Operation steps and precautions of automatic rebar cutter:

1. Put the equipment into the working position stably without shaking.

2. Four core copper cable is used to link the motor and circuit breaker

3. Open the oil filling hole of the reducer and fill the gear oil.

4. Fill up the oil cup and turn on the oil drip switch of the oil cup.

rebar cutter

5. During trial operation, do not add materials first, switch on first and then disconnect. Observe the rotation direction of the pulley. If it is consistent with the direction marked on the pulley, switch on again. After the equipment operates stably, add reinforcement to the injection port. If the direction is opposite, please reverse the motor.

6. Rotate by hand to check whether the gear meshing is normal.

7. Check the fastening of bolts at all parts.

8. Check whether the electrical equipment is intact and has good edge, install leakage protection device, and check whether the grounding wire of the equipment is grounded.

9. Fully lubricate all rotating parts of the machine.

10. During no-load test, if any abnormality is found, stop the machine for maintenance in time.

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