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Steel Bar Cutting Machine

Correct Usage Of Scrap Rebar Cutting Machine

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Correct use method of steel bar cutting machine: the workbench of steel bar cutter shall be parallel to the lower part of the blade, and the length of the workbench shall be adjusted according to the processing materials required; Before using the steel bar cutter, it is necessary to check whether the blade is cracked, whether the bolt of the tool holder is fastened, and whether the protective cover is firm. 

steel bar cutting machineManually rotate the pulley, check the gear tooth clearance and adjust the cutter clearance; Before starting the steel bar cutter, the machine shall be operated empty first, and the work can be started only after checking that the rotating parts and bearings operate normally. At the beginning, do not put in a large amount of reinforcement. First put in less for trial, and gradually increase the amount.

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