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Precautions For Operation Of Steel Bar Cutter

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Precautions For Operation Of Steel Bar Cutter

1. The worktable for receiving and feeding materials shall be level with the lower part of the cutter, and the length of the worktable can be determined according to the length of the processing data.

2. Before starting, check and acknowledge that the cutter is free of cracks, the tool holder bolts are fastened, and the protective cover is secure. Then roll the belt pulley by hand, check the gear mesh clearance and adjust the cutter clearance.

3. After the engine is started, it should work empty first. Check that all transmission parts and bearings work normally before operation.

4. When the machine does not reach the normal speed, the material shall not be cut. When cutting materials, the middle and lower parts of the cutter shall be used to hold the steel bar tightly and aim at the cutting edge for quick input. The operator shall stand at the side of the fixed blade and press the steel bar vigorously to prevent the end of the steel bar from popping out and hurting people. It is strictly forbidden to use two hands at both ends of the blade to grasp the reinforcement and bend over to feed.

steel bar cutting machine

5. It is not allowed to cut the reinforcement whose diameter and strength exceed the mechanical nameplate rules and the red burned reinforcement. When multiple reinforcements are blocked at one time, the total sectional area shall be within the regular range.

6. When shearing low alloy steel, replace the high hardness cutter, and the shearing diameter shall conform to the rules of mechanical nameplate.

7. When cutting short materials, the interval between the hand and the cutter shall be more than 150 mm. If the hand holding end is less than 400 mm, sleeve or clamp shall be used to press or clamp the short end of the reinforcement.

8. It is strictly forbidden to directly remove the broken ends and sundries near the cutter by hand during work. Non operators are not allowed to stay around the steel bar swing and the cutter.

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