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Steel Bar Cutting Machine

Operation Guide For Waste Steel Bar Cutting Machine

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The waste steel bar cutting machine is designed to cut with two knives synchronously, and the knife can be cut once per second. Moreover, each cutting edge can be used for multiple blanking, and various types of steel can also be placed irregularly. Cutting waste steel bars at both ends. Multiple bars, round bars and cutting machines are applicable to the processing of waste before returning to the furnace and the recycling of waste bars on the construction site. The waste steel bar cutting machine is composed of a motor, a gearbox, a reducer, a steel bar discharge port, and a body. 

steel bar cutting machineThe motor starts to drive the reducer through the V-belt, and then the reducer drives the gearbox through the sprocket to make the cutter work continuously to cut the reinforcement. The design of this machine is reasonable, and the coefficient is increased in the case of raising the rate, so as to solve the problem of injuring hands by mistake due to the short cutting distance of steel bars and the flying of material heads.

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