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The Best Fine Stone Concrete Pump Factory From China

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In the construction site, the fine stone concrete pump will inevitably have some problems when it is used for a long time. At this time, we need to maintain and maintain it. The regular maintenance of the fine stone pump is the same as that of the automobile, which is conducive to the normal use of the machine, reduce the occurrence of faults and improve the service life of the machine. So how to do a good job in daily maintenance? Today we'll introduce it.

First, the fine stone pump shall check the machine in time after use, and clean the accumulated materials of the hopper, conveying cylinder and conveying pipe and the accumulated ash and oil on the machine body, so as to prevent the pipe blockage caused by the residual material and slag in the pipe in the later use.

Second, the fine stone pump will inevitably have loose parts after long-term use. We should check the machine regularly and strengthen the bolts at the connection.

concrete pump

Third, add hydraulic oil from time to time. When the hydraulic oil is not enough, it should be supplemented in time. After the hydraulic oil is polluted, it should be replaced in time.

Fourth, check and lubricate the lubrication system, fill lubricating oil according to the lubrication regulations, and top up if the oil level and water level are insufficient.

Fifth, if the hydraulic components of the fine aggregate concrete pump are found to be faulty, check the cause and repair the whole circuit before any operation.

Sixth, check whether the hydraulic pipe and joint have oil leakage. If the pipe has cracks, replace it.

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