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Correct Operation Steps Of Concrete Pump

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Correct operation steps of concrete pump:

1. Start the concrete delivery pump and idle it for a period of time. If the temperature is low at that time, the idling time should be longer, and the hydraulic oil should not be pumped until the temperature rises above 15 ℃.

2. Add sufficient cold water to the concrete pump silo to damp the silo, multi way valve and air delivery pipe.

concrete pump

3. Add sufficient mixed mortar to the concrete pump silo to moisten all the concrete air pipes.

4. After the cement mortar is injected into the concrete conveying hopper, the mixing shaft shall be reversed for several weeks to fully lubricate the walls on both sides of the hopper, and then the mixing shaft shall be rotated forward to feed the mortar into the distribution valve box through the hopper throat.

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