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List Of Mauritius Dealers Selling Electric Loaders Made In China

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General technical requirements for coating of electric loader

1. The primer applied on the metal surface shall have good adhesion and corrosion resistance.

2. Paint brushing and painting are allowed. During spraying, the spraying equipment and pressure shall meet the requirements of the product manual to ensure that the paint film is uniform, flat and smooth.

3. The paint surface of the product must be firm, flat, smooth and uniform in color. The appearance of the paint film is not allowed to have sagging, peeling and obvious orange peel. A comprehensive inspection shall be carried out before packaging. The adhesion of the paint film shall meet the class I requirements in GB / T 9286-1998.

4. After surface treatment, the correct paint shall be applied to the surface to be coated within 4 hours.

5. The painted surface must have uniform paint film, no bottom exposure, no pinholes, no wrinkles, no missing coating, no cracks, etc., and the surface must be seriously sagged

electric loader

6. Dry film thickness of paint: the paint film of the paint shall reach the specified film thickness. The painting color of the equipment shall comply with the requirements in the technical agreement. Repair the defective part to eliminate defects such as scars.

7. The paint shall be prepared in strict accordance with the paint characteristics and proportion, and the coating operation shall be carried out in accordance with the mature process requirements.


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