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The Driver Of Electric Loader Shall Comply With The Following Requirements

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The driver of electric loader shall comply with the following requirements:

a. Do not use the limit stop to stop;

b. Do not adjust the brake of hoisting and luffing mechanism under load;

c. When lifting, it is not allowed to pass over people, and there is no person under the boom;

d. When the electric loader is working, it shall not be inspected and repaired;

electric loader

e. When the lifted object approaches or reaches the rated lifting capacity, check the brake before lifting, and lift it with small height and short stroke before lifting it smoothly;

f. For the crane without lowering limit position and straight stopper, when the hook is at the lowest working position, the steel wire rope on the drum must maintain the number of safety turns specified in the design;

g. When the electric loader is working, the minimum distance between the boom, spreader accessories, steel wire rope, cable wind rope and heavy objects and the transmission line shall not be less than that specified in Table 2;

h. For mobile electric loader, the parking area shall be leveled and the outriggers shall be firmly and reliably installed according to the requirements of the manual before operation;

1. For the electric loader without reverse braking performance, it is not allowed to use the reverse vehicle for braking except in special emergencies.

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